My workshops focus on the following principles:

  • Mind & Body Awareness

    Carefully guided exercises will help you mindfully get in touch with your thoughts and feelings. With enhanced insight, you gain a better understanding of how you perceive your challenges.

  • Play & Experiment

    Combining writing, improv, art, music and discussion, you get to creatively explore yourself from new perspectives. Think of workshops as a ‘test chamber’ to experiment with new ideas and behaviours.

  • Group Connection

    We learn and grow best together. Groups are a microcosm of your social connection. Explore your impact on others, find support and new ways to relate to yourself and the world around you.

  • Ritual

    Our best self, hopes and dreams live in the metaphysical universe. Connect back to our nature through the elements, ancestral lineage and spirit guides to rediscover possibility, power and potential.

Previous Workshops

I work with Sanctus to raise awareness of mental health and make it a part of our everyday lives.

My workshops and retreats focus on providing a safe, confidential space for people to explore challenges they are facing which are obstacles to personal and professional growth.

What a wonderful group of people. It felt good to chat in an open forum and be comfortable enough to discuss sensitive issues.Nanci Veitch, Events & Marketing @ UsTwo
Fantastic to know that i’m not the only one going through this! Good to share and air my feelings.Stephen Bennett, Entrepreneur
I’m not used to sharing my experiences openly with people, but it has really helped to see things in a different light. It felt good to get things off my shoulder.Tom Murray, Entrepreneur
It was really enlightening and reassuring to hear that others from different walks of life and ages were going through similar struggles. Hearing stories from seasoned entrepreneurs was particularly reassuring.Jas Hothi, Entrepreneur

Handling Stress, Anxiety & Overwhelm


Thursday 3rd March 2016
Lift Islington / Angel Room – 6:45pm – 9:15pm
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Stress can be good.  It can help to drive and motivate us.  At some point in our life, it has helped us survive.

However, life today for many of us is too stressful.  We have the pressure to perform at work, in relationships, with families, to look good in front of peers and all without appearing to exert any effort.

This workshop will help you:

  • Identify the main causes of stress in your life
  • Challenge your perspective on stress and anxiety
  • Develop your awareness on how stress impacts your body
  • Create strategies for mindfully dealing with different types of stress more effectively
Really enjoyed exploring the different exercises – it felt like a safe place without anyone judging.Amaresh Ray, Product Manager
It gave me an opportunity to step outside the stresses of work and just be myself.Deepa Parekh, Solicitor

Dynamic Mindfulness for Busy People


Tuesday 26th January 2016
Diorama Arts Studio – 7pm – 9pm
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Dynamic Mindfulness encourages us to connect with how we relate to ourselves and our environment, moment by moment.  With greater awareness of how we behave, we can choose to act differently and create personal transformation.

This workshop will help you:

  • Learn how to connect more authentically with yourself and others
  • Understand and explore how you deal with being ‘busy’
  • Explore your emotions and how ‘busy’ acts as a distraction
  • Experiment and play with a number of mindfulness experiments
Very relatable and relevant to personal life and experience. Has made me see stress from new perspectives not considered before.Calvin D'Aguilar, Solicitor
It was an extremely interesting experience, it made me think about my feelings and interactions with others. Lots of food for thought.Diana Farinha, L&D Manager

Entrepreneur Support Network


Six week course

As entrepreneurs, i’m sure you’re familiar with the highs and the lows of running a business.  While we tend to openly celebrate our wins, we also isolate ourselves during struggles.

Being an entrepreneur with a vision and passion is hard work – and failure, fear, anxiety and cycles of depression can be crippling without sufficient support.

This course is aimed at creating a safe group setting for exploration around what is support for an entrepreneur.

These workshops will help you:

  • Have an opportunity to share, reflect and learn from your life experiences
  • Gain inspiration from the stories, struggles and lessons of others
  • Develop a clear understanding of what support means to you
  • Learn strategies to get the support you need
  • Improve Emotional Intelligence (EQ) in your life
Shayan is a thoughtful and observant facilitator. His gentle guidance and total acceptance of what comes up encourages honest discussion and creates a safe environment for sharing and being. The group provided a wonderful opportunity to explore connection with others, which I needed most as an entrepreneur.Leo Mowry, Founder of Village Yoga
Shayan’s workshops created a safe and stimulating space where entrepreneurs of varying fields came together to explore support and what it meant to us. Although I was in a room filled with strangers, I was immediately comfortable, and able to be vulnerable through the practical exercises he led. Shayan’s workshops are not only supportive, but fun and inspiring as well.Tiina Farin, Coach, Healer & Author
My expectations were met and then exceeded as the weeks went on. Shayan provided more in depth exercises that allowed me to discover more about myself and how to gain the support I need for me to thrive in the business arena.

I recommend this workshop to anyone who is serious about discovering hidden wall that may be impeding their progress not only in business but also in their personal relationships. Jair Cayento, Co-Founder of Merchantocracy

Shayan’s workshop series exposed me to the subtle impacts of how my internal state of overwhelm and distraction holds me back from experiencing a new realm of freedom and peace of mind.

I can say that doing this work from my experience has caused more freedom, more creative energy and more love in my life. I would highly recommend taking a look for yourself!Stephen Elliott, Co-Founder of Merchantocracy

Shayan has a tremendous passion for helping people understand their personal boundaries and improve how they engage with others.Ron Tsang, Speaker, Consultant & Trainer
Shayan’s perspective on group processes and leadership development enabled us to create an environment where we were able to bring about new procedures and focus on creating a collaborative team environment. His understanding of the financial sector and the legal environment also offered us a highly qualified perspective on how we could maximise our competitive strengths in the marketplace.Shawn Harvey & Mary Ann, Riverview Legal Services