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Browse my collection of therapeutic visualisations aimed at deepening your self awareness.  Each audio is crafted to engage both your conscious and sub-conscious mind through prompts, questions and imagery.

I combine music, sound effects, sensory awareness and symbols to create profound experiences of self discovery. They are designed so that if you re-visit them at a later time, you will uncover something new about yourself.

I recommend finding a quiet, undisturbed place to close your eyes with headphones to get the fullest experience.  Have some writing / drawing materials ready to create what you have discovered.

The Cave

Length : 17:46
Size : 25.6 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

Description : Journey along the beach and into the sanctuary of The Cave.  Reconnect with the magic of your inner child and encounter your creative spirit to enhance your creative potential.

The Mystic


Length : 17:16
Size : 41.5 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

Description : Journey through a lush forest and venture up a mountain where a wise mystic awaits.  Ask and receive an answer to ask an important life question from profound wisdom.



The Chosen One


Length : 22:34
Size : 54.2 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

Description : Journey through a dense jungle to receive a healing and discover a restorative message connected to your ancestral wisdom. 



The Phoenix (Burnout Recovery)


Length : 14:52
Size : 21.4 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

Description : Journey through a cold, wintery landscape where your tired spirit meets the revitalising fire of a legendary Phoenix. 



Your Inner Child


Length : 16:40
Size : 40.8 MB
Quality : 320 Kbps

Description : Journey into another realm where you encounter your inner child to to re-build and replenish the connection with your youth.