ARE you blocked in your creative expression?

We all have a gift for the world
Hidden deep inside of us
Sometimes a light shines through
Where we see our true brilliance
Only to have it close up once again.
We can ignore it, hide from it, suppress it
But our spirit truly knows
Exploring the mysterious creative force
To bring our magic into existence
Is what matters the most.

I run workshops and coach professionals, (aspiring) artists and entrepreneurs who are relationally, professionally or creatively stuck and help uncover their creative flow through exploring and healing creative wounds.

I work with creative spirits who are conscientious, smart and self-aware, ready to offer their gifts to the world - yet blocked in their fullest expression.
Through my training in psychotherapy, coaching, spiritual practices and personal experience connecting with my creative potential I can help gently bring you back into alignment with your nature and allow more play, expression and creative choice in your life.

Creativity lives in paradox: serious art is born from serious play

julia cameron


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