I offer coaching and psychotherapy for professionals and entrepreneurs who are professionally, emotionally or relationally stuck.  I do this by creating safe spaces for clients to reconnect to themselves and develop greater trust in their direction.

I work with clients who are ambitious, smart, self-aware and care deeply about others.
Yet somewhere on their journey, they've disconnected parts of themselves that make them feel like 'me' and fully trust themselves. 
Through my training in psychotherapy, coaching, ritual and my personal journey, I can help realign your inner compass to allow for greater clarity, expression and choice in your life.
The more scared we are of a work or calling, the more sure we can be that we have to do it.
Steven Pressfield


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"From the moment I met Shayan I knew we would work well together- he is super friendly, but also professional and creates a warm, safe, non-judgemental space for you to unfold. I worked with him twice, most recently on a very specific challenge around dealing with my partner's illness. He helped me understand a lot of things I wasn't able to on my own, equipped me with techniques I can use in difficult moments, but most importantly I went from a pretty low point in my life to feeling like myself again in only 2 months. I will continue to work with him, always be grateful for his help and highly recommend him!"Cristina T, Lead Product Manager
"I have worked with Shayan for a couple of years now. I can safely say there has not been a single session where I didn’t discover something new. Shayan combines his extensive, left-brain knowledge of psychotherapy literature with a unique, right-brain approach to conversation. His sessions involve a heavy use of imagery and introception, which bypass the prefrontal cortex and the automatic self-talk we tend to engage in as humans. This is great for uncovering deeply buried memories in the emotional part of the brain. If you tend to get sad or moody throughout the day with no apparent reason, Shayan can be just the right coach for you."Obi, Entrepreneur