“After the COVID lockdowns I was experiencing mental exhaustion. A colleague had been working with Shayan and I was intrigued to learn more about what he does. I have a lot of great creative ideas and potential but my brain is too scattered to align them together. Shayan helped me to organise my creative process to discover that I wanted to start a business and we created a plan. His rapport style is natural, relaxed and he combines the practical and creative process in a way that allows my potential to emerge and quieten my doubts. I’m excited by the progress i’ve made because I couldn’t have done it by myself. I’m grateful that we have both a trusting professional relationship and an authentic friendship where we can be ourselves.”Dayle G, Dentist
“I’ve worked with Shayan for more than 6 years. He has accompanied and supported me through some of the most difficult times in my life, and also joined me in celebrating recovery and personal growth. He has had a massive positive impact on my mental health and I couldn’t be more grateful to have found him.

I’ve seen a few therapists and coaches over the years but have always come back to Shayan, and he’s the only one I have seen long-term, due to his incredible ability to build a safe space and to get to the heart of the issues with only a few questions. His style is very approachable and he will not hesitate to use different techniques and tools to aid his clients in the way that suits them best. He has deep empathy and his holistic approach which focuses on the body as much as the mind is very powerful.

I have recommended him in the past and will continue to do so to anyone who seeking support with mental health. Thank you Shayan!Emilien H, Managing Director

“I have worked with several coaches during my lifetime and the progress I made with Shayan was what I have been wanting for years. We worked together for 5 months and it was the best investment I’ve ever made for myself. For the first time in my life I am able to understand where my emotions come from, how to work through them, and have conversations with people regarding conflict. He made me feel very safe when sharing about myself, my past, and feeling vulnerable about my experiences. He gave me space and silence when I needed it and he also provided me with support and suggestions as well. Our sessions included homework that I found very helpful and didn’t take time away from my busy schedule. The homework helped me progress on my own time and I was able to gain so much insight when we would talk again at our following session. Shayan helped me conquer some of my greatest fears and obstacles I have been wanting to overcome for years. I am so grateful for your help and for everything you’ve taught me!”Claire S, Nurse
“I can only describe Shayan’s work as magic! What I like about his style is that he doesn’t act like an expert on me but stays present and curious to truly understand how I see the world. I can feel when he sees me, because his observations and intuition are spot on. He’s always running creative experiments to help deepen my self understanding.

Most of the time they bring a profound insight, and sometimes they don’t click. What I appreciate is that he doesn’t try forcing his perspective to be ‘right’ which i’ve experienced with other coaches, and instead moves on and tries to find connection again so I can deepen my trust in him and myself.”Eduardo J, Artist

“I was burnt out, lost and disconnected from myself and all the people around me. A friend recommended I seek a coach and through Sanctus, I discovered Shayan. I instantly trusted him because of his honesty and felt I was in good hands.

He created a safe space and gently guided me to be truthful with myself and see the bigger picture through clever creative tools.

I began to piece together how much I sacrificed myself for others and within a short time, I found a new vitality and perspective on life. I’m grateful for investing in myself because the best gift I have received is feeling more myself and being able to trust myself more each day.”Samuel F, Trader

I was introduced to Shayan at a time when I was confused about my career and paralysed by making decisions. I thought that if I get my job situation sorted out, everything would fall into place. After our first call, I learnt the job situation was only the tip of my issues and I had a shaky foundation to make that decision.

From the first call, I felt like I was on a team with Shayan. I felt like he cared and wanted me to succeed. He helped me to paint a picture of my life, showing me all the beautiful and ugly parts. Sometimes it would be a word, or a moment of silence, that would cause part of my head to explode and see everything clearly. It turns out the obvious was in front of me all the time and I just needed to see it through the correct lens.

I now have a much more stable foundation and understanding of myself. I’m working a part time job and building a business which is fully aligned with who I am and want to serve the world. Most of all, I have a me space with Shayan to come back to myself if I ever get lost. Lin C, Entrepreneur

“I started working with Shayan after I realised my past affecting my present and future life. I became so identified with the traumas in my childhood and this manifested in unhappiness and sabotaging my relationships.

When I finally found Shayan, he gave me the help that I needed after years of confusion. I found ever lasting healing and self growth that I didn’t know existed before.

The reason why I was able to do such difficult work was because Shayan has a nurturing and paternal vibe that helped heal masculine wounds to let me both feel cared for and be held accountable.”Kelly L, Social Media Manager

“When I first met Shayan my confidence was shaky and my anxiety was so high that I was struggling to relate with myself. By drawing on his own personal experience, I was inspired to to travel on my own creative path.

His superb listening skills, combined with his knowledge and the tools he shared with me, gave me a new perspective, enabling me to become truly confident and start the process to learn to love myself. I’m confident he can help anyone the same way he helped me.”Sarah L, Publisher

“I thought I had let go of emotions and experiences which kept me trapped in the past until I worked with Shayan. His creative techniques allowed me to experience compassion and enter a depth of emotional release like I have never felt before. I am thankful for the experience, it has taught me to reflect at every obstacle and see it as a potential growth and to seek support when I need it.”Lillian M, Fascial Stretch Therapist
“I jumped in with working with Shayan after I saw the results he got for a friend in just 6 sessions.

I have always found that finding someone to help me with my mental health was a struggle. In the USA especially, mental health is not taken seriously until you have serious, serious issues and sadly many providers aren’t focusing on releasing issues from your past. In the realm of mental health, Shayan is a hidden gem that I was so lucky to find.

Working with Shayan has been the best thing for me to understand myself, love myself more, and release things I have been holding onto that no longer serve me. He has a unique teaching practice that is flexible to your specific situation. He is wonderful at reading when some event you are talking about causes an emotional reaction. He then figures out a way to dive into the issues so you can release it.

Since starting with Shayan I healed much of the relationship with my father, have been able to cry when I am upset instead of blocking it (something I haven’t been able to do for most of my life), understand my needs more instead of putting others before me all the time, helped keep me from sabotaging a beautiful relationship and I have even become organized. I know, right – me, organized?!

If you feel you want to fix issues in your life that keep reoccurring then work with Shayan. You will never regret investing in yourself as the money you’ve spent will help you blossom into a better, stronger person.”Logan T, Entrepreneur

“As someone who lived mostly in my head, I needed someone to shake me out of my ways of being which kept me stuck. I was successful in many areas of my life, but something was missing and I didn’t know what.

Shayan’s approach instantly resonated with me and he taught me to reconnect with parts of my body which had long been buried.

As someone who likes to intellectualise everything, I was impressed that he didn’t play my ‘mind games’ where i’m always trying to win. Instead we connected with imagery, metaphors and intuition which a whole new world to explore. I started to see how destructive this heady space was and he created space for other more mature parts of me to emerge. I now feel I have more freedom and presence in how I show up in any situation, allowing me to slowly release my desire to control everything.”Kim H, Lawyer

“Shayan helped me when I was in a dark hole, alone, scared, and unheard. I never had sessions before and it was an amazing experience. His approach is very kind and warm and he knew exactly what to say so i can safely open up my “pandora’s box” which I didn’t even know existed. I also loved his homework because it was fun and it made me really think about my situation from new angles. I feel like our sessions really made a big impact on my life and helped me piece together a lot of things. They are always fun as well and from the first session we had I knew he was going to support me in my life for a very long time. He is very professional but he also became family to me because with all the help he’s given me both mentally and emotionally, he’s done more for me than my actual family. And for that, I will forever be grateful.”Giselle, Nurse
“I have a hard time saying no and this has always kept me on the edge of overwhelm. Every time I try to understand why i’m like this, I would end up in a mental loop and more frustrated. I was exhausted of giving so much of myself and getting so little back from the people around me.

When I started sessions with Shayan, I felt a huge weight drop from my shoulders. He always offered tools to start the session so I could connect with myself and my body. He created a space where I could just be, without any judgement. I didn’t know how much I needed that and after a few sessions, all the layers of resentment i’d been holding back started to unfold.

I learnt what boundaries meant and putting myself first. It was difficult to learn how to be more selfish and protect my energy because it was so new. But once I learned to listen and take care of myself more, I felt my energy starting to come back and all my relationships have improved around me.”Mo K, Doctor

“When I reached out to Shayan, I was at breaking point. At first I was too proud to seek help because I thought I should know how to deal with my problems. But something told me it was time to let go of my pride and seek help. I was scared to be judged and be labelled as ‘broken’ but Shayan was patient and curious to welcome all the different parts of me, even parts I was unaware of.

His creative experiments took us on a journey where I went through the whole landscape of my emotions and I learnt to understand them better without judgement. He helped me reconnect with my humanity and take off a heavy burden on my shoulders that I was carrying around for years that no longer served me.”
Priti P, Copywriter

“I have been working with Shayan for a number of years on and off and he has been there for me during various major life changes and crisis. As someone who has been constantly working on myself, I felt like there was always something to fix which became depressing. Shayan helped me to see that there are periods I need support and other times I need a break.

When are working together, the process is deep and profound. He’s regularly checking in on my progress to see if I need breaks or if I want to continue working in deeper layers. I now have a better connection with my ‘inner compass’ to know when to seek support and when to celebrate the progress I made and simply live my life fully. I’m grateful knowing I can turn to him at any point on this twisty road of life! “Josephine L, Yoga Teacher

“I have worked with Shayan for a number of years now. I can safely say there has not been a single session where I didn’t discover something new. Shayan combines his extensive, left-brain knowledge of psychotherapy literature with a unique, right-brain approach to conversation. His sessions involve a heavy use of imagery and introception, which bypass the prefrontal cortex and the automatic self-talk we tend to engage in as humans. This is great for uncovering deeply buried memories in the emotional part of the brain. If you tend to get sad or moody throughout the day with no apparent reason, Shayan can be just the right coach for you.”Obi, Entrepreneur
“The work I did with Shayan blew my mind. He helped guide me into areas of my unconscious self that had been buried for decades. His ability to work layer by layer, without going too fast and slow, helped me immensely to process what needed to come out.

The results and healing that occurred after I uncovered thoughts patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving me were tremendous. To say that my day to day life has changed is an understatement. I genuinely know new peace.”Victor G, Business Development

Shayan was amazing at guiding me through an interpersonal relationship that required understanding and healing.

Shayan’s calm and non-judgmental nature makes it easy to be vulnerable and to get to the root cause of underlying issues.

Through this process, I was able to not only understand a lot about myself but Shayan instilled in me the tools I required to make the changes needed to improve this relationship which is now better than ever.Joseph T, Photographer

“As someone who mostly lives in my head, Shayan helped me to connect my logic and emotion through somatic experiences to shift me out of autopilot behaviours. His clever use of metaphors, images and archetypes connected me to my body and creative faculties which had a domino effect in every area of my life. I now have a greater trust in my intuition and direction in life, knowing I can always find self support and outside support with new challenges.”Jack R, Product Manager & Entrepreneur
“From the moment I met Shayan I knew we would work well together – he is super friendly, but also professional and creates a warm, safe, non-judgemental space for you to unfold. I worked with him twice, most recently on a very specific challenge around dealing with my partner’s illness. He helped me understand a lot of things I wasn’t able to on my own, equipped me with techniques I can use in difficult moments, but most importantly I went from a pretty low point in my life to feeling like myself again in only 2 months. I will continue to work with him, always be grateful for his help and highly recommend him!”Cristina T, Lead Product Manager