Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is a holistic method focusing on reconnecting the mind and body to explore new possibilities and perpsectives to our problems.

By focusing on the process instead of the outcome, we move with the natural rhythms of growth, healing and change.  Like planting a seed, you cannot force it to grow with more effort and must create the right balance of elements for it to thrive.

Often when we are stuck, we try to 'think' our way out of problems which keeps us stuck in repetitive loops. 

By exploring links between mind, body and intuition through play, imagination and expression we gain new perspectives to deal with life's challenges.

Nurturing your creative capacities have numerous benefits for your overall well-being:

  • Finding Balance

    Find the tools to help reconnect you to a balanced state. As much as we consume information, we need creative outlets to bring us back to our centre.

  • Changing your Story

    What story have you written and do you want to leave behind? We are born creators, masters of destiny. Expanding creativity allows you to imagine new possibilities and alchemise challenges to live as the hero / heroine of your journey.

  • Healing Your Conflicting Parts

    Exploring and expressing the past allows you to identify and release traumas connected with your childhood. Reconnecting with the creative nature of your inner child allows you to release what thoughts and behaviours no longer serves your best interests.

  • Expressing your nature

    Staying present to your changing nature and the creative confidence to express your unique perspective reconnects you to humanity. Having your creativity appreciated inspires others to create and offers moments of being alive.

Art is a natural process of holding on
to the innocence of childhood.

Fritz perls

My approach

After working numerous years in the field of psychotherapy, coaching and group facilitation, I felt the limits of talking alone.  The greatest joy, fear, vulnerability and wonder I experienced were when I and clients reconnected to the creative process.
I aim to build a confidential and safe space to allow for deeper reconnection and experimentation.  My focus is on combining creative practices with the intention of deepening self discovery and allowing new possibilities to unfold.
My foundational tool is Gestalt psychotherapy and I incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychosynthesis, Family Constellations and Mindfulness techniques with ritual, shamanic and spiritual practices in my approach.
Some key philosophies in my coaching approach are:
  • Connection occurs when we suspend judgement and labels.
  • Understanding perspective is more important than imposing views.
  • Creativity happens when we co-create and enter the unknown together.
  • We know ourselves best, so it's important to be curious about the other than to and try be correct.

If you’re paralysed by fear, it’s a good sign.
It shows you know what you have to do.

Stephen pressfield

coaching focus

We will work through one or numerous areas together. Here are a few areas I can confidently support you in:

  • Finding Purpose

    Feeling lost in your career or life? Let's explore what's possible by discovering what is deeply important to you in your journey of life. We will weave the intersection between your talents and interests the world is ready to receive.

  • Rediscovering flow

    As your reconnection deepens, it becomes clearer what you truly love and find timeless. Rediscover what brings you to life to create magical moments when time, space and ego disappear into what you love.

  • Mental Health & Wellbeing

    How deeply do you trust and believe in your potential? I can help you release old patterns related to fear, stress, anxiety and burnout to stay centred and put your energetic drama into more productive outlets.

  • Creative Blocks

    Stuck in your output? Often fear of our greatness is what keeps us from moving forward. Let's build a vision of your best self and find the creative rhythm to unblock you back into flow.

  • Imposter Syndrome

    Feel like a fraud? Every great artist creating originality has moments of doubt. Let's work with your inner critic to rediscover your greatness and realise your worth to the world.

  • Self Sabotage

    You start making progress and suddenly, you begin to sabotage it all out of habit. Often sabotage is linked to our perception of self of worth and old patterns that no longer serve us. Let's reconnect to your true value and potential so you receive what you deserve.

  • Overthinking

    Being rational and logical often serves us well to navigate through the world. However, there are many situations where we can't simply 'think' our way to a solution. I can help you reconnect with other intelligence centres in your body for better clarity and direction.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

albert einstein

The Coaching Journey

We first book in a free 45 minute Clarity Call to find out more about your expectations and to see if we are the right fit for working with each other.  This is also an opportunity to discuss what package would be most suitable for your needs.
With an intention in mind, we begin our sessions via Zoom and start to open the doors to rediscovering parts of yourself.  A session typically lasts an hour where I work with questions, observations, activities and experiments.  By working with the natural flow of mind, body and emotions we begin by deeply understanding your current perspective of the world. 
As your creative connection deepens with yourself, we begin to heal the past and weave new future potentials through writing, reading, art, ritual, visualisation and role play.
Sessions are followed up with homework to help integration and self exploration.
Between sessions, I will be available to support you through e-mail and WhatsApp.
I work with only a handful of clients at a time so you can count on me to be there through both the highs and lows of nurturing new potential.

Your Investment

Check out my packages below to see what suits your needs.

This package is ideal if you're ready for a journey of self discovery with a loose goal in mind, some idea of what might be holding you back and what your ideal outcome might be.

We can focus on one or multiple areas designed to aid self discovery, healing and expanding your full potential.

Your investment: £1,000 ($1,400 USD)

This includes:

  • 8x 60 min 1-on-1 coaching
  • Flexible online booking
  • WhatsApp & e-mail support
  • Follow up homework

Interested in working with me? 

The next step would be to book a free Clarity Call.

  This is an opportunity for us to see if we're the right fit for fulfilling your potential.