Creativity Coaching

Creativity Coaching is a holistic method focusing on sharpening our intuition and tapping into the creative right brain. 

Through a supportive collaboration, we are able to practice play, imagination and expression to improve our emotional intelligence and develop wider choices to life's challenges.

Nurturing your creative capacities have numerous benefits for your overall well-being:

  • Healing Mental Health

    Exploring and expressing your past allows you to identify and release traumas. Staying in rhythm with your creative nature allows you to reconnect with your inner child, to release what no longer serves your best interests.

  • Changing your Story

    What story have you written and do you want to leave behind? We are born creators, masters of destiny. Expanding creativity allows you to imagine new possibilities and alchemise challenges to live as the hero / heroine of your journey.

  • Finding Balance

    In a society obsessed with left brain logic and information overload, creativity helps restore us to our balanced state. Rediscover moments of flow outside of your ego to appreciate the unfolding mystery of yourself and the universe around you.

  • Expressing your nature

    Staying present to your changing nature and the creative confidence to express your unique perspective reconnects you to humanity. Having your creativity appreciated inspires others to create and offers moments of being alive.

Art is a natural process of holding on
to the innocence of childhood.

Fritz perls

The Cocoon Process

Through years of working with clients and understanding my own creative process, I have developed a 3 Stage Cocoon Process to evolve into our full creative nature.  We have to return to our youth to be reborn as creatives.

1- Incubate

Our inner creative is a child, sensitive to the outside world.  Incubation creates a cocoon to nurture, protect and develop the emerging artist into existence.
Most of us did not receive a supportive environment for our creativity.  We must return to what our inner child needed the most to be reborn into our true nature.
The focus is on understanding our needs, creative wounds, developing curiosity, re-wiring beliefs and healing through creative expression.  We discover the connection to our mysterious creative spirit and how to love the process more than the outcome.
We surround ourselves with only unconditional positive support and curiosity for our work, which creates safety to experiment, play, learn and grow.  This phase requires us to protect our work from judgement and criticism too soon from outside sources.  Our inner critic is most active at this stage and we must be vigilant to protect the emerging creative from being shut down.

2 – Relate

With a greater understanding of our creative spirit, we strengthen to slowly emerge from the cocoon into the world.  At this phase we develop more confidence with our expression and a rhythm of creating, making mistakes, learning and entering flow state.

Our soul communicates primarily in symbols and imagery.  Unblocking ourselves from the rational, verbal mind permits us to explore these realms of perception.  There is an abundance of rich material within us to uncover subconscious desires, needs and purpose during this lifetime.

We start to share our work with a selected, trusted circle to deepen the understanding of our gifts.  Gradually, we learn how quieten our voices of self sabotage and perfectionism from a critical and inflated ego.  In this space, we open the channel to flow our creative gifts to heal old wounds of self doubt.

Through a consistent and stable commitment to the creative process, we develop technical and professional understanding and open up to constructive criticism to push the boundaries of our abilities to know our style.


3 – Create


With wings spread, we can show the world our colours and dance with the magic and mystery of creativity.  We are able to humbly surrender to the creative process and begin showing our work and collaborating with others.

In this phase, we have a confidence in our ability, style and have turned our creative wounds into gifts for the world.  We understand our audience and begin to build a tribe.

Creativity lives in our heart and becomes our life's work.  We are able to dip into the unknown and bring back infinite creative ideas, in full trust of the abundance the creative spirit provides. 

We are secure in the knowledge that negative criticism does not destroy our process since not everyone understands our work.  We have faith to create in infinite directions in service and trust of the soul's will. 

If you’re paralysed by creative fear, it’s a good sign.
It shows you know what you have to do.

Stephen pressfield

Creative Principles

Do what you love; not what you think others will like.
There is no right or wrong way.  Everything is learning.
Ask for guidance and surrender to the process.
Nurturing imagination opens doors to the infinite.
Expression is more important than technique.
Quantity yields greater results over quality.
Love the process more than the outcome.
Magic and wonder exists in the unknown.

My approach

After working numerous years in the field of psychotherapy, coaching and group facilitation, I felt the limits of talking alone.  The greatest joy, fear, vulnerability and wonder I experienced were when I and clients reconnected to our inner child and engaged in the creative process.
I aim to build a confidential, safe and playful space to allow for vulnerability and experimentation. My focus is on combining creative practices with the intention of deepening self discovery and allowing new possibilities to unfold.
My foundational tool is Gestalt psychotherapy and I incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychosynthesis, Family Constellation and Mindfulness techniques with ritual, shamanic and spiritual practices in my approach.
Some key philosophies in my coaching approach are:
  • Connection occurs when we suspend judgement and labels.
  • Understanding perspective is more important than imposing views.
  • Creativity happens when we co-create and enter the unknown together.
  • We know ourselves best, so it's more important to be curious about others than to try be right.

coaching focus

We will work through one or numerous areas together. I can support you in:

  • Finding Purpose

    Feeling lost in life? Let’s explore different portals of creative possibility. This will help us weave the intersection between your talents and interests the world is eager to receive.

  • Rediscovering flow

    As your creativity expands, so does your connection with the spiritual realm. Reconnect with your creative spirit and rediscover the magical moments when time, space and ego disappear into your craft.

  • Emotional Wellbeing

    How often are you kind and supportive to yourself? I can help you release old patterns related to fear, stress, anxiety and depression to stay centred and put your energetic drama into your creativity.

  • Creative Blocks

    Stuck in your output? Often fear of our greatness is what keeps us from moving forward. Let’s build a vision of your best self and find the creative rhythm to unblock you back into flow.

  • Imposter Syndrome

    Feel like a fraud? Every great artist creating originality has moments of doubt. Let’s work with your inner critic to rediscover your greatness and realise your worth to the world.

  • Self Sabotage

    You start making creative progress and suddenly, you begin to sabotage it all. Often sabotage is linked to our self of worth. Let’s reconnect your inner child to the joy of expression and receive what you deserve.

Imagination is more important than knowledge.

albert einstein

The Coaching Journey

We first book in a free 30 minute Clarity Call to find out more about your expectations and to see if we are the right fit for working with each other.  This is also an opportunity to discuss what package would be most suitable for your needs.
This is followed by a Creative Discovery Session where we take the time to explore what you hope to achieve with us working together.  We will look at your hopes, dreams, fears, anxieties and details of our joint commitment to this journey.
With a flexible goal in mind, we begin our sessions via Zoom and start to open the doors to creativity.  A session typically lasts an hour where I work with questions, observations, activities and experiments.  By working with the natural flow of mind, body and emotions we begin by deeply understanding your current perspective of the world.  
As your creative connection deepens with yourself, we begin to heal the past and weave new future potentials through writing, art, ritual, music and role play.
Sessions are usually followed up with an assignment to help flex the creative muscle into life.
Between sessions, I will be available to support you through e-mail and WhatsApp.  We’re in this journey together so you can count on me to be there through both the highs and lows of nurturing your artist.  

Your Investment

Check out my packages below to see what suits your needs.

The Warrior

This package is ideal if you have a few battle scars on your creative journey and an identified block you need support to work through. 

Your investment: £379

This includes:

  • 4x 60 min 1-on-1 coaching
  • Flexible online booking
  • WhatsApp support
  • Follow up e-mails

Interested in working with me? 

The next step would be to book a free 30 minute Clarity Call.

  This is an opportunity for us to see if we're the right fit for your creative dreams.

The work I did with Shayan blew my mind. He helped guide me into areas of my unconscious self that had been buried for decades. The results and healing that occurred after I uncovered thoughts patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving me were tremendous. To say that my day to day life has changed is an understatement. I genuinely know new peace.Victor Gonzalez, Business Development
“When I first met Shayan my confidence was shaky and my anxiety was so high that I was struggling to relate with myself. By drawing on his own personal experience, I was inspired to to travel on my own creative path.

His superb listening skills, combined with his knowledge and the tools he shared with me, gave me a new perspective, enabling me to become truly confident and start the process to learn to love myself. I’m confident he can help anyone the same way he helped me.”Sarah L, Publisher