Cocoon Process

The Cocoon Process

Through years of working with clients and understanding my own creative process, I have developed a 3 Stage Cocoon Process to evolve into our full creative nature. 

Our journey begins by returning to the cocoon; a space of pure potential.  This is the incubation space needed to grow your wings.  It offers the supportive environment you lacked to bloom into your full creative capabilities and give what your inner child needs the most to flourish.

1- Incubate

Our inner creative is a child, sensitive to the outside world.  Incubation creates a cocoon to nurture, protect and develop the emerging artist into existence.  We must return to what our inner child needed the most to be reborn into our true nature.
The focus is on understanding our needs, creative wounds, developing curiosity, re-wiring beliefs and healing through creative expression.  We discover the connection to our mysterious creative spirit and to love the process more than the outcome.
We surround ourselves with only unconditional positive support and curiosity for our work, which creates safety to experiment, play, learn and grow.  This phase requires us to protect our work from judgement and criticism too soon from outside sources. 
Our inner critic is most active at this stage and we must be vigilant to protect the emerging creative from being shut down.

2 - Relate

With a greater understanding of our creative spirit, we strengthen to slowly emerge from the cocoon into the world.  At this phase we develop more confidence with our expression and a rhythm of creating, making mistakes, learning and entering flow state.

Our soul communicates primarily in symbols and imagery.  Unblocking ourselves from the rational, verbal mind permits us to explore these realms of perception.  There is an abundance of rich material within us to uncover subconscious desires, needs and purpose during this lifetime.

We start to share our work with a selected, trusted circle to deepen the understanding of our gifts.  Gradually, we learn how quieten our voices of self sabotage and perfectionism from a critical and inflated ego.  In this space, we open the channel to flow our creative gifts to heal old wounds of self doubt.

Through a consistent and stable commitment to the creative process, we develop technical and professional understanding and open up to constructive criticism to push the boundaries of our abilities to know our style.


3 - Create!


With wings spread, we can show the world our colours and dance with the magic and mystery of creativity.  We are able to humbly surrender to the creative process and begin showing our work and collaborating with others.

In this phase, we have a confidence in our ability, style and have turned our creative wounds into gifts for the world.  We understand our audience and begin to build a tribe.

Creativity lives in our heart and becomes our life's work.  We are able to dip into the unknown and bring back infinite creative ideas, in full trust of the abundance the creative spirit provides.

We are secure in the knowledge that negative criticism does not destroy our process since not everyone understands our work.  We have faith to create in infinite directions in service and trust of our soul's will.