5 Life Lessons From a Tree

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I often sit, meditate and observe a tree sitting outside my balcony.  Over a year, i’ve asked myself: what life lessons can this tree teach me?  When you consider that a tree represents life and how interconnected we are, there’s far more to appreciate than just meets the eye.  So what 5 life lessons from a tree have a I learnt?

Be Yourself

A tree only knows how to be one thing: a tree.  It never feel shame for its shape, or wishes to be anything other than a tree.  It simply tries to be the best tree it can be; whatever the circumstances.  It blooms proudly with all its beauty and gives unconditionally to the environment.  It never compares itself to other trees and takes pride in its form.

Learn to Let Go

A tree knows when its time to let go.  As the seasons approach Autumn, it prepares for a time of rest and contemplation.  Knowing its leaves, flowers and fruits have served their purpose for that year, it’s ready to let go for the next stage in its cycle.  It never holds on for longer than it needs to and accepts when it’s time to move on.

Be Present

A tree is always present.  It’s never lost in the past or anxious about the future.  It doesn’t get concerned about ‘will the sun come up tomorrow?’ or ‘will I bigger next year?’.  It simply acts according to the conditions its given at any given time.  It is always patient, waiting for the right circumstances before it takes its next step in growth.

Give Back What You Receive

A tree requires a delicate balance of conditions for it to grow from a seed.  Without the right combination of sun, water and soil it would perish.  Once the seed is strong enough to show itself to the world, it expresses its gratitude for life through its beauty, food and oxygen.  A tree appreciates its part of a larger system and gives back generously what it receives – without any conditions or attachment.

Set Strong Foundations

The seed of a tree is vulnerable in the darkness of its early stages.  It knows that before it shows itself to the world, it must create strong foundations through its roots.  It takes its time to set a strong, firm base before a shoot emerges.  It knows that in order to grow stronger, its roots must dig in deeper to the earth for a stable foundation in life.  Without these foundations, it will simply collapse and have to start again.

What Can Nature Teach You?

The greatest minds in history often took time out of their busy lives to reconnect with nature for inspiration.  To appreciate the wonder of life, it’s important to slow down, think and contemplate our lives.  Realise that we are intimately interconnected with nature and can learn a lot from it; and we need it more than it needs us.

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