Shadow Coaching

My approach considers that when we are trying to change, there are two approaches to can take:

Be Different or Be Yourself 

Skills & Performance Coaching focuses on action: behave differently consistently and get results.  This is most effective when you have skills-based goals you want to achieve by a deadline.  The emphasis is on resilience and determination to overcome obstacles to behave and think differently.

Think of a personal trainer pushing you consistently towards a beach body within a deadline.

Shadow Coaching is the opposite.  It involves slowing down to observe how you do things instead of doing more things.  The focus is on helping you develop emotional awareness of who you are and how you perceive your challenges.  By developing curiosity and experimenting with ideas and behaviours, you discover new freedoms to deal with life’s challenges.

  • By being more yourself, change happens spontaneously and naturally without having to force yourself to be different.

How does a session work?

A typical session lasts between 45 – 60 minutes with a flexible goal or challenge in mind. If you don’t have any goals, we can start with what you’re feeling and see what unfolds.

I work with questions and observations, listen intently and help focus your awareness on how you see the world and offer new perspectives. By working with the natural flow of mind, body and emotions we begin to understand how we create our reality from a more holistic perspective.

Sessions may end with a suggested follow up assignment.

My approach

I focus on building a confidential and supportive environment where I can provide both support and challenge through understanding, experimentation and play.

Some key points in my approach are:

  • When we suspend judgement and labels, it allows for real connection
  • Change and creativity happens when we co-create a journey together
  • You’re in the driving seat,  I explore at your pace of comfort
  • I aim to understand your world and not impose my own views as ‘correct’
  • We know ourselves best.  It’s more important to be curious than to be right

I use Gestalt psychotherapy and coaching as my foundational tool and incorporate Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), Psychosynthesis and Mindfulness techniques in my approach.

what areas do i coach in?

I specialise in the following. We may work through one or a number of areas together.

  • Career Confusion

    Ambiguity can be debilitating. It can also be exciting. I help facilitate solutions through creative explorations of who you are and what you really want out of life.

  • Identity & Purpose

    If you feel like you’ve lost touch with yourself and your direction in life, I can help you rediscover what’s most important for you and explore new directions.

  • Relationships

    I can understand and help you explore what is happening in your interactions to raise emotional awareness. This will lead to new approaches and more fulfilling relationships.

  • Creativity & Innovation

    My approach encourages taking risk, play and experimentation in a safe space. This allows for new innovative solutions not considered before to emerge.

  • Emotional Wellbeing

    Our emotional responses are largely linked to old subconscious patterns. I can help you explore emotional responses and learn how to stay calm, centred and focused during a storm.

The work I did with Shayan blew my mind. He helped guide me into areas of my unconscious self that had been buried for decades. The results and healing that occurred after I uncovered thoughts patterns and beliefs that were no longer serving me were tremendous. To say that my day to day life has changed is an understatement. I genuinely know new peace.Victor Gonzalez, Business Development
“When I first met Shayan my confidence was shaky and my anxiety was so high that I was struggling to relate with myself. By drawing on his own personal experience of self-improvement, I was inspired to find my own path.

His superb listening skills, combined with his knowledge and the tools he shared with me, gave me a new perspective, enabling me to become truly confident and to start the process to learn to love myself. I’m confident he can help anyone the same way he helped me.”Sarah L, Publisher